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morning america." captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good friday morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we are going to have a major cool-down. >> good morning mike. good morning. we talked about it yesterday it is going to happen today. let me show what is going on as far as radar picking up clouds even drizzle possible along the coast this morning. as we head into the afternoon areas that will see the biggest drop near the coast and around the bay up to 20° cooler. mostly cloudy, spotty drizzle at the coast. 90s are gone barely 80s inland, 70 to 80° that is just the beginning of the cooling trend. more in a few minutes.
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first look at traffic. good morning. live shot of the san mateo bridge preparing for the big weekend closure starting tonight 10 through monday morning 5. next weekend as well. you have to make alternate plans to the south 237 dumbarton bridge bay bridge to the north. roadwork 280 southbound 101 closed until 6:00 this morning. we have an accident north 87 blocking right lane. developing news out of san francisco. early morning chase and shooting and crash, left busy intersection closed. amy hollyfield is live in the western addition to tell us what happened. >> reporter: it ended here at franklin with a crash quite a reaction to police just trying to pull a white car over because officers say the light on the plate was out. the guys took off.
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there was a high speed chase then a crash when the car ran a red light at franklin and eddie. the white car crash food a taxicab. before they crashed police say the passenger was firing shots at the police officers. once the crash happened the two men took off, running. officers ran after them. they were able to catch one the shooter. the driver did get away. they are still looking for one man. police officers were okay, none hurt. the taxi driver was taken to the hospital. he has an injured hand. he's going to be fine. police say given how fast the guys were going it is amazing there weren't more injuries and the injuries weren't more serious. the investigators are here taking a look at the scene trying to piece together what happened. they believe they will be here at least another hour this is
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blocked off at franklin and eddy, probably for another hour. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. drive normally use the san mateo bridge will need to find another way to cross the bay this weekend. the bridge will close tonight and stay closed all weekend. kira klapper is on the hayward side with details. i guess this is going to happen again next week? >> reporter: right tonight from 10 to monday morning at 5, same thing next weekend. the bridge will be closed so caltrans can replace 12 sections of the deck and install new seismic joints. drivers are urged to take the bay bridge, down barr ton and highway 237 as alternates. -- tomorrow the big game, more traffic expected. the bridge will be closed next weekend, same routine, 10 p.m. friday night until 5 a.m.
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monday morning. plan for that. kira klapper, abc7 news. don't forget to use the abc7 waze traffic app to help get you around. download it to your smartphone from. teens app store. highway 29 lake county, we skip that for now. this has been a difficult day for the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. [ no audio ] >> still, family and friends continue weekly searches to find sierra lamar. san jose police officer -- >> is under arrest accused of cheating on his time sheet. the district attorney's office filed one count of grand theft
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against the officer after a nine month investigation by the san jose police department. the 45-year-old is on paid leave administrative leave. a group of students and alumni from san jose state camped out on campus in support of the city's minimum wage. measure d would raise it to $10 an hour right now it is $8. it is on the november 6th ballot. do-or-die time again for the giants today as they look to zito to keep them alive in the series. last night in game four in st. louis, lincecum was shakey not dominant as he had been as a reliever' loud two runs in the first inning. tone set in the fifth, one up the middle, holliday comes around to score 4-1 cards, lincecum gets yanked.
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worse in the 6th jay double to right scoring two more one highlight pence who had been struggling hits a homer that put us back in the game cardinals win 8-3. >> this town is red, october. >> [ unintelligible ] >> we'll hear from the employers coming up -- we'll hear from the players coming up. zito on the mound only if we win game six back to at&t park sunday game seven monday and the winner goes on to the world series to meet the tying knocked off the yankees 8-1 yesterday for a sweep in the al championship series. >> i don't hear the fat lady singing not for the 49ers. >> they beat seattle. 49 and seahawks at candlestick only one touchdown to show you,
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smith to walker great block from davis, scores 9ers lead 10-6 defense was awesome. quarterback wilson blasted on this throw, 9ers get the win 13-6 improve season record to 5 and 2. not the only reason why it was a big night. we gave away $49,000. >> you're the big winner of the $49,000 sweepstakes? >> oh my god! >> that was pennye crow from the north bay she entered hours before the deadline. nick smith presented penny with a big check. she's she is going to give some to her -- children and grandchildren her friends --
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[ unintelligible ] she added she wasn't going to answer the phone last night fearing it was a robo call. but, nope it wasn't foye she $49,000 richer -- >> she was speechless after she won. time for a look at cast. what a quick cool-down record temperatures then mike this is coming on in a hurry. flipping the switch. when you step out you notice the difference by looking up the cloud cover, mild in the 60s cloud cover and sea breeze is already here. visibility half moon bay 3/4 of a mile everybody else okay. with the clouds increasing we'll have issues at sfo later this morning. winds aren't as robust at the surface they pick in the
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afternoon right now 7 to 13 miles an hour. you can see the change is coming. clouds still going to linger around the bay this afternoon, partly sunny, 60s to mid 70s, 70s inland and 50s to 60s along the coast 10 to 20° cooler than questioned. inland 70s. temperatures keep dropping not as dramatically as today tomorrow cold front brings more sunshine still cool sunday temperatures drop again possibility of wet weather monday, highs in the 50s and 60s. live to the golden gate bridge fog and mist that mike was talking about is on the span you need wipers, i did when i came across 35 minutes ago. roadwork northern part of the span should be picked up by 5:30. westbound 580 at harbor car
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fire off to the shoulder looks like off-ramp may be blocked. north 101 peninsula roadwork between 92 and peninsula avenue until 6:00 this morning. highway 87 at santa theresa cleared out of lanes, good news in the san jose area. big game this weekend at cal with the san mateo bridge closure you need to find another way around. bay bridge will take the brunt of that parking limited at cal, bart is always a great option, they will be running extra trains. 4:40. any coincidence the color you are wearing today? >> no, go bears. sex abuse allegations uncover molestation case against jerry sandusky. now the man known as victim one reveals his identity and what he's saying.
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l.a. police investigating a dozen unsolved murders tha
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firefighters in lake county counting on calmer weather conditions to keep control on a 300 acre wildfire burning off highway 29. crews lifted evacuation orders last night after they stopped the fire from advancing. right now it is 20% contained. yesterday winds forced mandatory evacuation orders for the mercy spring subdivision those were lifted. calfire says higher humidity and calmer winds helped them get a start on surrounding this fire. highway 29 still closed now. we'll keep you posted. young man known as victim one in the jerry sandusky case is telling his story only to abc news. he reveals himself in a 20/20
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interview tonight. you can see part of that this morning on "good morning america." he says sandusky once chased him home from school followed him through oncoming traffic and when the boy went up an alley sandusky went to my house and parked out front, yeah it was that bad. see part of that interview at 7:00, right after our newscast. los angeles police think an office in texas could hold key to dozens of unsolved murders by the manson family. according to "l.a. times" the investigation came to late during a legal battle to obtain taped interviews with manson follower watson. they were convicted of killing eight people in a plot to insight a -- to incite a race war. earlier this month federal judge in texas granted injunction preventing lapd from search ago office where the tapes are kept.
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extreme athletes take over san francisco where you can see them all weekend for free. google slip-up that cost the company billions. break in campaigning for a night of laughs. you don't want to miss the jokes by president obama and mitt romney. sea lion gets all-clear froms did.
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we are going to see sunshine but it will take a while. 60s and 70s today, maybe 80 at livermore that will be the exception temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. heading into the great lakes 50s there, 70s along the eastern seaboard, 50s headed that way. mid to upper 50s around seattle and portland, 93
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phoenix. chicago o'hare flight arrival delays otherwise everybody on time wet weather through the great lakes and east coast looks like we are going to have delays develop check out our flight tracker at at the bottom. 4:48. this morning president obama and challenger mitt romney head back out on the campaign trail after sharing a table and a few laughs last night in new york. tahman bradley joins us live from washington to tell us about it. >> reporter: good morning. after tuesday's heated debate these candidates probably needed laughs. no doubt on the campaign trail today they put game faces back on. last night they were all smiles. the contenders took a break from campaigning for a night of comedy appearing together at the annual al smith dinner new york they competed for laughs. >> the president: unemployment rate at its lowest level since i took office. i don't have a joke here.
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i just thought it would be useful to remind everybody. >> it is nice to relax and wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> reporter: white tie and tails event at catholic fundraiser division for the past 67 years no partisan rhetoric allowed just self-deprecating stand-up and light jabs. >> the president: i had more energy in our second debate. i felt well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >> president obama and you are each lucky to have one person in our corner someone who we can lean on i have my beautiful ann, he has bill clinton. >> reporter: also while in new york, president obama stopped by the "daly show" with john stewart where things took a serious turn. >> the president: we weren't confused about the fact that four americans had been killed, that we needed to ramp up
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security around the world. >> reporter: back to business today. president obama heads to virginia mitt romney campaigns in florida. the latest gallup poll capturing one day of post-debate sentiment shows romney in the lead by seven points. polls of the battleground states will decide this election show a closer race. >> obviously, the stables are high for both. -- the stakes are high for both. who do analysts think faces the most pressure? >> reporter: probably president obama foreign policy is something the obama campaign is in their we'll house. mitt romney had a number of foreign policy missteps over the summer. if romney were to land some blows on president obama who has been on the offensive over the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, it could be devastating for the president. >> thank you. reminder that the third and final presidential debate set for monday in florida.
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focus on foreign policy i am that debate stars 6 p.m. -- started 6 p.m.. time for the forecast, mike has all the radar information. cool down coming. >> significant. this morning mild with cloud cover, you can see clouds and winds picking up as we speak coming in off the ocean southerly surge came in overnight as we talked about yesterday many now it is jut a matter of time before it knocks down temperatures later this afternoon. live doppler so far no radar returns. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a little drizzle along the coast this morning and possibility that patches of it could linger into the afternoon. temperatures mild all of us in the low to mid 60s. monterey bay also in the low to mid 60s. by the afternoon, much cooler than yesterday.
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cooling trend will continue through the weekend. there's a chance of wet weather monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. today, here's the big story, 12° cooler after record high in concord yesterday, 12 in san jose, 14 fremont, santa rosa 17 oakland drop 18° san francisco one of the biggest drops of temperatures we lose 20° compared to yesterday. includes are moving into the east bay, even into the central valley as we speak slow retreat, by noon we still have a lot of cloud cover around the heart of the bay pushing into the delta that will dry up sunny spots develop. because of the clouds at coast and lingering around san francisco, 20° cooler in those areas. mid to upper 70s south bay, temperatures back to normal. low to mid 70s peninsula, 68 millbrae.
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low 60s coast today to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito, low to mid 70s north bay valleys, low 60s and includes at your beaches, lingering clouds east bay, berkeley 66, richmond 65, more sun 73 fremont, mid 70s to near 80° east bay valleys mid to upper 60s monterey bay spotty sun inland mid to upper 70s. today a little rain possible in eureka 62, 80s central valley mid to upper 70s san diego and los angeles. highs monday 50s and 60s that will linger through wednesday those are the three chances of rain once get -- start a warming trend thursday. bay bridge friday night no metering lights and no problems upper deck into san francisco.
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marin, lucas road, no problem, roadwork southern marin north and south 101 golden gate bridge authority section of the span roadwork until 5:30. roadwork northbound and southbound through mill valley, cortamadera 280 southbound 101 connector ramped closed in san francisco due to roadwork west 580 harbor earlier car fire now cleared. lake county highway 29 closed north of middleton, wildfire, six miles north of middle to 1.5 miles south of lower lake that is ongoing while they battle that wildfire. squatter is under arrest in vallejo after his pit bull attacked a police officer in a scuffle wednesday night on locust drive. resident reported squatter in her house. the scatter hit one officer who was responding with -- the
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pit bull threatened police. several scatters and belongings were found in -- squatters and belongings were found in the home. new study says bay area trails rival cities like l.a. and san diego in jobs created by start-ups. the findings point to the high cost of living and over-regulation as reasons that it is tough to start a new business here. they say local businesses 10 to be high-end focused. it has little impact on-the-job market overall. 55% of new jobs created are by businesses that are already here and the same for 66% of job losses. wall street will be watching to see which direction google stock will head this morning. shares plunged after disappointing earnings report was accidentally released three hours early yesterday. the report was supposed to have been released after the
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market closed. not only that, it was published with a space reserved for a quote from ceo page that read: pending larry quote. it has prompted a parody, pending larry twitter account. first tweet reads: whoops. extreme athletes taking over san francisco, part of the embarcadero transformed for the tour which features street style competitions. the tour is paying the city more than $300,000 for the event. the city's office of labor enforcement is investigating whether workers are being paid san francisco's minimum wage after -- [ unintelligible ] the tour is tour free runs through sunday. california sea lion is back in the ocean after nine days of recuperation.
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the sea lion nicknamed blonde bomber, was released yesterday. the bomber waddled towards the water, looked back as if to say good-bye then jumped into the pacific, never looking back. the blonde bomber had the strap around its neck more than a year. now a new life, new chapter begins. >> aloha back home. >> from hawaii? >> yeah, all the way, vacation time. developing news here in san francisco, shots fired at officers trying to make a traffic stop. the main suspect in a richmond high school gang rape facing sentencing today. the eye in the sky rpep
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